Touch Bar swipe gestures with app's built-in Touch Bar?

Hi there! I have set up BTT so that I can use two-finger and three-finger swipe gestures on the Touch Bar to adjust volume and brightness and it works great!

I was wondering if it's possible to have these gestures work globally, but keep the actual buttons and everything from the default Touch Bar configurations for various apps. I want to be able to control brightness and volume from anywhere with the gestures, but keep the buttons from all the apps!

unfortunately that's currently not possible. There is no API to get these touches when the system touchbar is displayed. (there is a way but it is very demanding on the cpu, and can cause various issues, thus I can't integrate it currently)

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Bro how did you set it up ?

I have the gestures installed but nothing works, when I'm trying to use it, it turns into a thin strip and nothing else is happening..


Like this should work:

bumping this old post, is there a way to do it already?
make these gestures work globally as freqout said.

yes, you can check the „global gesture“ option in the gesture settings!

thanks! works great :slight_smile:
does is use mode cpu or something that can affect the battery life?

Only while touching the Touch Bar, so not relevant.

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Is it possible to have the "global gesture" deactivated when a function key is pressed? I can only find the other way round.