Touch Bar keys gets stuck on repeat when held for just enough for repeating to start

Describe the bug:
When holding a Touch Bar key for just long enough that the repetition will start, the virtual key will get stuck on repeat. The repeating will only end when pressing the key the same way again. This obviously only happens when the "Repeat assigned action while touching" is checked for that key.

When tapping a key everything works fine.
When holding a key for a long time everything works fine.
But when holding the key for just enough that the repetition will start (depends on the value of "Repeat delay" for that key) the key will get stuck.

Affected input device:
Touch Bar

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 16" 2019 (also occurred with MBP 15" 2019)
  • macOS version: 10.15.2 (also occurred in Mojave)
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.209 (also occurs in the alpha channel's 3.214 version)

I've had this problem since around 2017 when I got the 2016 MBP. My experience with this has been horrible to the point of having to not use BTT for periods due to the soft key that gets stuck is a forward delete key I've placed in the top right of the Touch Bar.

Just 5 minutes ago, it got stuck (oddly while I didn't even have my hands on the Touch Bar) deleting while the Mail app was focused. I lost a tonne of emails, only some I was reasonably able to recover without wading through swathes of deleted spam to find the accidentally deleted ones. I have no idea if or when the consequences of this might come back to bite me.

This bug has caught me many times before whilst programming but I've always been able to undo the mass deletions there. This was the first instance of this bug being critical and destructive.

Edit: I should add this happened now on the new 16" MBP

I'm in the exact same situation!

I've just got the new 16inch macbook and this is my first experience of the touchbar - when i came across bettertouchtool I suddenly thought maytybe a touchbar isn't such a bad thing! Immediately added forward delete to the top right and 10 minutes later this bug caused me to delete a whole email I'd been writing (luckily just text this time). I had to restart the macbook as I couldn't find any way to stop it - I'll try the eact press-hold trick next time unless I can avoid the bug.

Is there somewhere to report this bug officially or is this it?

This is the official way :wink:

The issue is being tracked and there will be a fix soon!

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That's great news thanks!

I hope this is fixed in v3.222 alpha (will be available in a few minutes)