Touch Bar item triggered by another Touch Bar item

I want to show a Touch Bar item for a few seconds when I pressed a Touch Bar item

Why not rather an HUD (Displays something on the screen a but like the Volume).
Or use an apple Script as associated action to the trigger that should make it appear:

Tell application "BetterTouchTool"
Update_Widget "UUID" with Text "your text or whatever, even just space if you only want to see the icon"
End tell

This Widget should just contain a Code like

Return ""

And repeat every x seconds (the time you want it to be displayed)

It would basically always return nothing, but when you tigger your action and run that script it appears.

I would also love to see a "Toggle visibility of Touchbar Widget" action. I've attached a small video of what I'm trying to accomplish, basically a weather forecast in which I can tap through the next few days. Right now I have a separate group for each day, always including just one weather widget that opens the group of the next day when being tapped. The last group has the "Close opened group" action, so I get back into the default layout where I have the initial "Weather Today" widget.

I think it would be much simpler and cleaner to have one group with all the different weather widgets and their actions would just be "make myself invisible, make $nameofnextdaywidget visible", but it appears there is no such action, right? I've tried to find out if I could achieve it via some AppleScript that speaks to BTT, but I haven't found anything in the docs that looks like it is possible to access Touchbar widgets that way via AppleScript.