Touch Bar input source language buttons

Hi there,
I switch different input sources (languages) and currently there's only one option to switch between them as long as I know.
I assign 'select next source in input menu' shortcut to a button.
It works fine so far, but as I use more than two languages, it becomes a little awkward to keep pressing this button until you find the right one.

So I'd appreciate it if there's a function to assign specific language to separate button (for example English, French etc.) that I can place on the Touch Bar.
This way I don't need to tap on the button for multiple times until you get the right one.

Or, if you guys know any workaround, please let me know!

Thank you!

have you found any solution?!

I work with 3 Languages in a daily basis, and such a solution would be so helpful!

There are some presets here that can do this

can you please link me to some of them?

another question,
I also want to be able to switch language with a touchpad gesture.
there's no option to do so in the predefined actions in the app.
and defining the gesture to execute the keyboard shortcut for switching the language didn't work for me.

any Presets/solutions for that?


I want to change the Keyboard Input language, not a spell checker.
Or is it behaves the same?

The keyboard layout you mean?

I don't know what you mean with "keyboard layout", but in the settings it's called "Input source".
maybe that's the same.

Just switching to different language for typing in..

Yupp, that's exactly the same then :slightly_smiling_face:


When switching languages (English to Russian) or keyboard layout (QWERTY to Colemak) does this preserve the shortcuts? :man_shrugging: