Touch Bar Help!!!!!

Hi all,
I installed the GoldenChaos preset for my touchbar, its great! There's also feature (which I tink was a result of GoldenChaos being installed) that when you hold down contrl, some more advanced info comes up on my control strip - I love tha too. However when I hold control, I'm pretty sure those extra things on the strip should appear automatically. For me, when I hold control, it first says "Tap to show customised bettertouchtool tool bar", and that's only when I have the BTT app open, whenever I'm on any other window, whenI hold control, my dock just goes blank apart from an emoji symbol on the left, and a keyboard on the right (which I believe are part of he default OS control strip.
@GoldenChaos , do you know how I could fix this?
Any help is greatly appreciated!