Touch Bar Haptic Feedback doesn't work "On Trigger"

Running BTT 3.173 on MacOS 10.14.6.

Under BTT Settings > Touch Bar > Advanced:

When setting "Default Haptic Feedback" to "On Touch: No Feedback" and "On Trigger: Strong Feedback" – there is no feedback at all.

I would assume that "On Trigger" means when a button/action is actually triggered. On Touch however does give feedback, upon every touch (regardless of if there's an item being touched or simply black space).

PS: I would recommend creating a "Normal Feedback" option, as the "Light" is barely noticeable and requires a finger on the Touchpad which is not a normal position when using the Touch bar, and "Strong" is way too strong. Something in between would be good.

PS2: The option to "Only accept normal clicks of these are pressed [SHIFT]" appears not to work. I interpret it as being about Shift having to be down to activate an action on the BTT Mouse cursor-controlled Touch bar, but I can trigger actions even with Shift not down.