Touch Bar custom shortcut button

Hello I am trying to create a Touch Bar button that will engage a custom keyboard shortcut when on a certain website. I want it to change the timeframes of a chart I am looking at. When on the website to do this currently I would press 15m. When I try to program the button under keyboard shortcuts it wants a modifier button first which wouldn't work. Is there anyway to do this?

You want to try key sequences not shortcuts then.

@rishifter I don't get the option for key sequences under Touch Bar when trying to assign task to button. When under key sequences it doesn't give option to assign to Touch Bar bar. Unless I am missing something is this just not avaiable?

Basically want to the trigger to be touching the Touch Bar button I make and the action to be the key sequence 15m(enter) I have a few I want to make with different timeframes but it doesn't seem to be an option unless i'm missing something.

You can chain multiple keyboard shortcuts like this:

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@Andreas_Hegenberg Thank you!