Touch Bar Button regardless of shift status is not working

A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

I've created a simple paste action for a touch bar button. I want the button to be accessable with or without shift key, but to be not accessible when I press one of the other modifiers. I set the settings below in the screenshot.

Expected behavior:
Button is shown when I press no modifier or when I press only the shift modifier.

Faulty current behavior:
Button disappears when I press the shift modifier. It also disappears, when I press one of the other modifiers, but this is correct behavior.


Device information:

  • Type of Mac:
  • macOS version:
  • BetterTouchTool version: (please post the exact version - not just "the latest one")

Additional information (e.g. StackTraces, related issues, screenshots, workarounds, etc.):