In my BTT Touch bar configuration, I have the stats section which shows me all of the following in the screenshot

However, I accidentally changed the script allowing me to see memory usage, does anyone have it so I can change it back? I'll send the current script to show what I would like corrected, and where.

first of all thats not a BUG dood...haha thats a messup or an accidental error NOT a bug....but I digress. Try this applescript. Didnt take the time to read your code and zoom in your pic but this works and willl do thee trick. Feel free to modify or remove the CPU line

set CPU to do shell script "top -l1 | grep 'CPU usage' | awk '{print $3}'"

set MEM to do shell script "top -l1 | grep 'PhysMem' | awk '{print $2}'"

return CPU & " | " & MEM