Touch Bar Action Not Working - Lost Focus?

I created a Touch Bar trigger for an app that runs in Citrix that is getting stuck. The first action does Ctrl+o to go to an order window, then it pastes in some text and hits Enter. Next I want it to hit the accept button by using Command+Option+A, but it doesn't work.

I created a separate second Touch Bar trigger that only consists of Command+Option+A. I can use the first trigger, then the second trigger, and it works. But combined into one trigger it doesn't work. I'm guessing it's because once the text is pasted in it opens a pop up window, and BTT is losing focus, but I can't find any commands to control the focus or find anything in the help file. I did try adding the command Activate/Bring to Front Window Under Cursor before the Command+Option+A, but that didn't work.

From reading a post about something else I discovered the Conditional Activation Group which looks like maybe that's the solution. I created one based on the window title and added a Command+Option+A trigger, then in my main command used the Named Trigger action and added the name of the Conditional Activation Group trigger. But then it says, "You can configure named triggers and assign actions to them in the "Other" section in BTT. (Select using the top dropdown menu)" but I can't find an "Other" section.

if it’s working using two separate triggers, it’s most likely just a timing issue. Try to add some delay before the cmd+opt+a (using the predefined schon „delay next action „)

Thanks, that did the trick. I has actually tried adding a delay, but I probably made the mistake of not using a sufficiently long enough delay.