Top capabilities of BTT ?

I'm pretty excited about this community. I'm a long time user of BTT but I haven't explored it beyond the very basics. I've been using primarily for window snapping since I no longer have an external trackpad.
That said, I'm very curious as to what the "best" features of BTT are for you ? What super productivity boosts am I missing out on?

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Mostly keyboard shortcuts, various. For example switching between DnD modes, moving windows between monitors, spectacle like functionality (window management), fixing some keyboard shortcuts (for example, to have the same set of shortcuts between various browser, Firefox differs from Chrome and Safari a little)

Recently I've started using some text replacement instead of built in OSX because it won't work in some browsers.

Clipboard manager - I've been using ClipMenu for a while but soon some faetures are told to be added to it (developer-todo) and I'll resign from it compeletely. Ability to "type the text from clipboard" works great for some apps, because sometimes you can't do traditional paste there. In general, clipboard manager is a big feature for me imho.

Probably customizable touchbar is going to be the second thing that I'll use the most once I uprage my current MBP. There are some awesome things such as web view and webserver that'll allow you to do awesome stuff, too.

Oh, and auto-upload of the screenshots to the imgur with option to edit them quickly :slight_smile:

It highly depends on your workflow and what devices you use, but I'd say that the top feature of BTT is that it provides so much customization options that you can do pretty much everything you need to automate your mac experience with a single app :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Many of your suggestions are immediately useful. Of your uses, I think general workflow automation (screenshot uploading) and the touchbar customization (once I upgrade my laptop) will be the most practical for me.

How do you start capturing items into clipboard manager?

This doesn't seem to work for me. Am I'm wrong to assume a similar functionality to ?

you just need to assign the clipboard manager predefined action to some trigger (e.g. a keyboard shortcut) , then BTT will start observing your clipboard