Toggling bluetooth using blueutil; execute terminal command not working

I'm trying to toggle bluetooth on and off using blueutil.

I installed blueutil using brew, and I am able to run the blueutil -p toggle command in terminal manually to turn bluetooth on and off.

However, when I set up BTT to execute that command asynchronously, nothing happens. I've verified that running other terminal commands works, such as open ~/Downloads, but nothing from blueutil seems to be working.

Picture of setup

I am aware of the AppleScript bluetooth toggle method here. That's an ok solution, but I'd rather understand why what I'm doing isn't working (and the aesthetics of the menu flashing up in the AppleScript one isn't ideal)>

You need to enter the full path to the blueutil (get via "which blueutil")

Or you can use the latest alpha and the integrated toggle bluetooth action:

I just found out that this is a native option now. Using blueutil for a long time now I appreciate this simpler solution. But miss the option to set an alternate color for the icon to see on the touch bar if BT is on or off. It used to work in blueutil but stopped some day. Never got it working again. But I guess then alternate color option is only for scripts right?