Toggle on/off F-keys on extended keyboard

I'm trying to think of a way to Toggle on/off the F-hey functionality on Mac Extended Keyboard. The fn key will act as a modifier key to get the F-key functionality to trigger, but I don't want to hold that down every time. Sometimes I need the f-keys sometimes I don't.

I know there is an OS setting that allows the F-keys to be on all the time, but I don't want that either. I want to toggle back and forth.

Can BTT help with that? I've played around with the Keyboard Shortcut functionality, but haven't yet cracked how to do what I have in mind.


2019 MBP runing macOS 13.5

BTT currently can't toggle that setting.
However you could set it to use F keys by default, then override some of them in BTT and assign actions that do what you need.

If you put the BTT configuration into a separate preset you can easily toggle it off and on

With the predefined actions (and a cycle action), shouldn't it also be possible to toggle the fn key with the fn key?

tap fn = fn down
tap fn again = fn up

a bit complicated :slightly_smiling_face: