Toggle mousedown & mouseup

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I use a 2 finger tap for "Left Mouse Button down" because I don't like the default macos drag & drop options (1 finger, 3 finger). I have a 2 finger click for "Left Mouse Button up".

What I would prefer is to use the same gesture (2 finger tap) for both mousedown and mouseup. That should be a conditional statement but i can't figure it out how to do it.

Any suggestion? Btw sorry for my bad english...

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This is not easy but it can be done using Apple script and named triggers.

So first you'd create two named triggers in the "Other tab" in BetterTouchTool. One for mouse up and one for mouse down:

Then you'd assign a "Run Apple Script" action to the two finger tap:

And use this Apple Script:

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
	set clickState to get_number_variable "ClickState"
	if clickState is 0 then
		set_number_variable "ClickState" to 1
		trigger_named_async_without_response "mouse_down"
		set_number_variable "ClickState" to 0
		trigger_named_async_without_response "mouse_up"
	end if
end tell


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This method is so awesome!

That's very helpful, thank you.