"Toggle Bettertouchtool Touch Bar" trigger not working properly

Hey there, I'm trying to setup a keyboard shortcut trigger to toggle between the regular touch bar and my custom one. However the keybord shortcut works only when pressed really, really fast.

I configured control+Y to toggle. So i press control, the press Y, then release Y, then release control. The custom bar shows as long as I haven't released the control key. As soon as I release it, the regular touch bar shows up. If I do this super fast (before the custom touch bar has finished appearing) it stays. What am I doing wrong?

Kind regards,

I have exactly the same problem. Even if I press button super fast, it shows the regular touch bar for milliseconds. I think that this is a regression issue because this thing worked for months before.

Which version are you on? Possibly try upgrading to the latest alpha, I can't seem to reproduce any issue here.

With the latest alpha works great!