TipTapLEFT(1finger fix) - this gesture has few problems

TipTapLEFT(1finger fix) is the gesture I rely on heavily to switch my tabs but with BTT I am unable to adjust myself or the setting to make this work properly. I generally use this gesture to switch tabs and many times there will be misfires like it will pause the background video or click a link in the background and other times there will be no event at all, so I have to tap twice or thrice to make it work. This is not the first time this has happened, I have tried multiple versions of this app during a period of more than a year and half on intervals of 3-4 months and still it gives me the same result as earlier. I am currently using JITOUCH2 and it works flawlessly but it is very limited in its settings which is why I wanted to move to BTT. I have also tried Mutitouch app and it also gave me the same problem as BTT with occasional misfires and sometimes no response with the same gesture settings.

I don't know if these details will help you in any way to debug the problem but I hope it does. I have been desperately waiting for this gesture to work properly for years now. Please can you look into this and get back to me. Is there anything that I can tweak or maybe there is something I am doing wrong or is there something I can do to help you debug the problem?

Trackpad - MacBook Pro 13 inch
faced isses on every macOS version
BetterTouchTool - tried many versions during the past year and half
Currently using - JITOUCH2 with same gesture setting and it works