TipTap Tab Selection won't work anymore in Finder on High Sierra

I've used BTT for years primarily to act as a "tab switcher" in numerous apps that all use different menu items or shortcuts to do the same thing - go forwards or backwards through tabs (browser, Finder, and anything else with a multi-tab architecture). It's always worked great up through Sierra. Now I just got a new Macbook Pro that runs High Sierra (I don't want to go to Mojave). I've moved my BTT preferences over and everything looks fine, and in fact they even work in other apps like browsers etc. But in Finder, nothing I do seems to make my shortcut (TipTap Left or Right) work in Finder.

It is a simple Menu Item selector to choose Window;Show Next Tab or Window;Show Previous Tab but it does nothing. Changing it however to for example Window;(4) works perfectly. Anyone know what is special about those Finder menu items that they don't respond by name?

Nobody has any ideas about this? Does this work correctly for everyone else running High Sierra?

Oh well, for now I've just switched to using the keyboard shortcut rather than the name of the menu item.