TipTap Application Switcher


I am trying to setup a 2 Finger TipTap (Left Finger Fixed) to be an Application Switcher.

The gesture is working, I do however have to press enter in order to select the application I wish to use. I recall being able to release the gesture and the desired application to move to the front.

I am sure there is a setting somewhere that I'm not seeing?

Any and all help is welcomed!


So what I was really looking for was the Predefined Action Settings menu to check the box for Use special application switcher. Couldn't find it in the new UI so I had to use the OG UI.

Where is this exactly? I can't find it anymore either. Nor can I find the Predefined Action Settings menu.

In the main macOS menu bar select the BTT icon and from the dropdown menu select Old Configuration UI.

In the Old Configuration window select the Advanced option (next to simple). Then select Advanced Settings the Predefined Actions Settings menu will be the last one on the right.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, it did help! I never woulda found it.