Tiny improvement: Link for SF-Symbols

Hi Andreas,

could you implement a better link where I immediately see all symbols than on the Apple-Link you provide? I really do not want to spend much time to choose a correct icon. It is for sure a big helper to let me choose one! Maybe provide a hyper link. Till now I just use E.g. Free Icons for Apps, Browser Extensions, and Websites which might be confusing for newbies which text is to enter.


I'd recommend to download the sf symbols app from apple!

Yes, that is what I read already. But

  1. as a standard (boring) user, I do not want to download 6000 files if I just need 10 or so.
  2. soon I understand, I just need the name of the Icon. Why should I download, which seems to be already downloaded by BTT?


for Raycast users the extention Search SF Symbols might be an option as well..

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They are all installed on your system, they come with macOS. Unfortunately the Apple SFSymbols license agreement doesn't allow me to show them inside BTT

(I'd say that raycast extension and the websites that show the icons also violate the agreement, but I'm not lawyer - or maybe has changed since I last checked ;-))

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