Timebased trigger not working when screen is locked.

Can someone advise if it is possible to create a timebased trigger without condition that executes, even when the screen is locked? My Mac is configured to not go into standby when it is connected with the charger. Only the screen is locked.


By default BTT will also execute the triggers if the screen is locked. Just tested with something simple:

Thank you so much for the quick response, Andreas! In the meantime I discovered that it is not just a locked screen but also standby. My computer appears to be a MacBook and as such, when I close the lid I can't prevent is from entering standby-mode. This means that the trigger will not be executed. I also found out that it is impossible to change this unless an external keyboard and mouse are connected. For now, when the trigger-time is close, I will just lock the screen but keep the lid open. I just tested this and it works. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for this fantastic tool and keep up the excellent work.

there are various apps that can prevent the standby mode, for example GitHub - newmarcel/KeepingYouAwake: Prevents your Mac from going to sleep.

Indeed, Andreas. This works. It came to my mind that I had "Amphitamine" installed some time ago but forgot about it. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.