Time Machine Backup Tool - Preset

Time Machine Backup Tool. My Macbooks top menu bar is full of enough Widgets for other apps, with not much room for Time Machine backup indicator, Better Touch Tool has allowed us all to free up some space, and a little bit more now, with this little tool.

Latest Version: v.1.206 (Changed Security verbiage, BetterTouchTool Full Disk Access Required) -- (Added Eject Button (UnMount Backup Drive), Cleaned up some code, changed display and progress UI)

K2 Time Machine.bttpreset (510.6 KB)

**Enjoy my work?

I love this so much. Please post your preset! Would you also mind if I used it to make a menu bar item for GC? :slight_smile:

Still working on expanding the status to show last backup Date/Time.

My menu bar item/button below (FAR LEFT). Indicates if Time Machine is running or Not, then loads expanded menu on touch.

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Added Start/Stop and Latest Backup info (Date Time), working on formatting still.

Requires Backup Drive to be plugged in.

//Update: Completed the Latest Backup Status (Formatting):

Still working some minor bugs out, Thanks to our fearless leader @Andreas_Hegenberg pointing me in the right direction!

Uploaded preset to Original Post. Let me know how it works for you. Included the Touch Bar status button and Group of controls.

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v. 1.200
Added a "Full Status Display" of backup stage (Processing, Staring, Backing up).

Updated Preset: v.1.201

Fixed Typo, Changed Touchbar icon Code for highlighting.

UPDATE: v.1.202 (Added % complete to Status, Cleaned up some code, Changed Latest Backup Field, Modified spacing)

UPDATE: v.1.205 (Added Eject Button (UnMount Backup Drive), Cleaned up some code, changed display and progress UI)

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love it! however, the terminal-privileges are not properly recognized... can't get the 'latest backup completed' to display stuff
also, the percent sign of the currently running gets truncated?
will fiddle around some, and see if I can fix it myself :slight_smile:

Did you verify, BetterTouchTool has Full Disk Access in Security & Privacy settings?

The field should not get truncated based on the config settings of that field, you could reduct font size I specify, try checking your config for that script widget, also update to latest Alpha version of BTT.

Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 7.22.38 AM

terminal definitely has full disk access
the very minor 'design flaws' are ok for me, I will wait for the regular updates :wink:
edit: I even might have the latest alpha, 3.346 (1554)

What MacBook are you running on?

Not Terminal but BetterTouchTool needs Full Disk Access :slight_smile:

Oh boy... why do I keep saying Terminal. Ouch. Will update the text now!

It's not your fault - the error message given by the time machine tool is a bit stupid because it assume it is always run in terminal....

BTT instead of terminal makes sense. things work now, thanks for the nice preset!

Updating the preset for download now reflecting correct verbiage.

Could you show me what the truncated % status looks like on your end? I am doing a lot to those values to only return 2 digits.

Might be that you have the smaller 16" MacBook touchbar? I have seen issues with a lot of presets not displaying correctly on the new 16" MacBook touchbar because of the new size and buttons getting cut-off.

could be that it was because of lack of permissions, and then I played around with it and most likely messed things up. after deleting it and re-importing, everything is perfect.
i'm using a 13" 2018 mbp