Time for trigger again?

Hello! Is there no way to set that a trigger needs a certain time to trigger again?

I have a tiptap with two fingers that opens link in new tab, it used to work fine for years. But now sometimes I accidentally manage to press a link the starts open new tabs of the link like a machine gun. I dont really know how it happens, I cant really recreate it.

It just seems to be that I can hold down 2 fingers and BTT thinks that im tiptaping like crazy.
Ive been using this trigger for almost 10 years without problems before. Maybe its my trackpad, or maybe a new bug?

Is there an easy solution to this in the advanced settings?

mhm could be a trackpad problem. Maybe try to observe it with BTT's live view. I don't think there have been changes to tiptaps in quite a while.
You can set an advanced condition like this:

There where some things already there. Should they be there by default? Im using mouse option cmd+left click. Maybe there is a smarter alternative for opening link in new tabs?

No, they are just placeholders / examples. You can delete/change them.

Kept the things there and added you suggestion. I think thats the solution. Thanks for a great app!