time based triggers

How do you set a scheduled trigger to run every 5 minutes starting each weekday at 15:30 and ending at 18:15?

The interaction between the hour, minute, and second fields seems completely buggy...

Oh it seems like a recent macOS or Xcode update broke the code that calculates the displayed trigger times here:

However this should not affect the actual triggering, you would need to set it up like this. Three triggers are necessary for this:

For the hour 15:

For the hours 16 and 17:

For the hour 18:

I'll fix the display asap.

Thanks for the reply and the explanation!

Just a suggestion: It would seem to be quite intuitive to allow fractional values (especially in the hours field). If this were supported, I would think that I could simply enter "hours: 15.5-18.25 ; minutes: */5"

It's following the standard cron syntax, thus this is not possible. But I'm now debugging the display issue.

// edit:
ah ranges & intervals can be combined, so this should also work for "every 5 minutes for the second half of the hour": 30-60/5

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I think this should now be fixed in the latest alpha (v3.743 )

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I downloaded the latest alpha but I'm not sure what's wrong...
Is it still just the display, or is the minutes field not standard cron? According to what I've found, "2/5,4/5" in the minutes field should run {every 5 minutes starting at 2 minutes past the hour and every 5 minutes starting at 4 minutes past the hour}, but that's not what's being indicated in the "upcoming results" display.

Edit: FWIW, when I enter them all as a string (2,4,7,9,12,14,17,19,22,24,27,29,32,34,37,39,42,44,47,49,52,54,57,59), the display shows the correct times.