Time based trigger not triggering

Trying to set up Time based trigger, but it is not firing. I cannot find out why.

you have weekday set to 7, when it can only be 0-6 :slight_smile:

BTT doesn't work on sundays? :smiley: Or sunday is as 0?

0-7 would be 8 days :wink:

some implementations of cron support 7, but BTT does not

yep 0 = sunday

Ok, I've tried 0, but it still does not fire :woman_shrugging:t2:

what kind of action do you have assigned? did you try with the "Show hud when triggered" option?

Oh, HUD work, thank you!!

BTW thank you very much for these fast responses! Exceptional customer service!

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If the HUD works, most likely something is wrong with the assigned action. Is it a BTT action or some script?

It is BTT action