Time Based Trigger not triggering when I open my macbook the next day

I have a Time Based Trigger that runs in specified hours and minutes on weekdays — it used to work well up until a few weeks/months ago. It still works after a fresh restart, but stops working after my mac has gone to sleep—typically it doesn't keep working the next day I open up my macbook :frowning:

My current workaround is to restart Bettertouchtool every day after opening my macbook (I'm not shutting it down, just putting it to sleep), that is if I don't forget ot restart it...

Has something changed with mac permissions?

macOS Sonoma 14.1
Bettertouchtool 4.356

weird. I added a reset after sleep in v4.362 alpha, would be great if you'd check whether it works better with that version

I upgraded to v4.363 alpha, will check how it goes after a few sleep cycles.