Tidal Touch Bar Media button

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Basic touch bar functions for the TIDAL music streaming service player on macOS.


Here's a TIDAL setup that gives precedence to Safari (ie. YouTube) to control playback.
If YouTube and TIDAL aren't running, it runs TIDAL when Play/Pause Touch Bar button is pressed.
Feel free to contribute!

@mkozjak your link does not work anymore. Can you sahre it again?

@farfromrefug Fixed!

Patches welcome!

@mkozjak thanks a lot!
I also find out that GoldenChaos correctly controls Tidal and shows its plyaing media.
I think it is because it uses the media widget from BTT.
I ll run some tests and report here.

@farfromrefug - are we able to "copy" the implementation over from GoldenChaos if it's cool enough? Don't wanna use any 3rd party configs myself.

@mkozjak you are right i did just that it is very easy.
I can create a simple preset with just the media player. I just dont know how to "extract" stuff in a preset :stuck_out_tongue: need to find how

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mediaplayer.bttpreset (99.3 KB)
@mkozjak can you test this? Hope it is good

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