Three finger swipes trigger scrolling

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I've been using BetterTouchTool for a few years now and I love it.

I've recently upgraded my MacPro 5.1 to Big Sur and I experience two annoying things in BetterTouchTool with my Magic Trackpad 2 :slight_smile:

  • I use three finger swipes (left/right/up/down) A LOT and they seem to trigger mouse scroll very often. On my previous system with High Sierra, I remember having to fiddle a bit with the sensitivity to get a very accurate triggering but it was quite easy. Any idea ? I've already tried to check/uncheck all the boxes in the "Swipes" area (Agressive Mode and other things around it). Any idea to help me ? Is it a bug ?

I've thought about disabling mouse scrolling in Accessibility and create a gesture in BTT in order to have only one software dealing with mouse actions but I can't make it work.

  • A tiny, not annoying bug, I've created a Three Finger Click in Google Chrome and I've enabled "Double Strong Feedback" but I've never managed to make this haptic response work... Any clue ?

Thanks !

Configuration :

  • MacPro 5.1 mid-2012

  • Big Sur 11.6.8 with OpenCore

  • 2 x 3,06Ghz Xeon 6-core

  • Radeon RX580

  • 48Gb RAM

  • Magic Trackpad 2 using a Bluetooth 4.0 connection via USB dongle

  • BTT v. 3.870 (2022)

Any idea anyone ? :slight_smile:

Any admin/dev that could answer me ?

Anyone ? :slight_smile:

On older macOS versions the system did not scroll while using three fingers and the system did use some deeply integrated techniques to prevent scrolling.
Unfortunately this has changed a while ago.

BTT tries to block scrolling as soon as three fingers are touching, but sometimes you might already start the scroll motion while only two fingers are touching, in that case there will still be a slight scroll event.

I don't think there is a good way to fix this.

Damn, tough one...

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Any idea about the haptic response not working ?

That still seems to work fine on my trackpads. Do other haptic feedback options work for you?

Nope, none work... Use to work with my old system though, so I guess hardware works :smiley: