Three finger swipe delay


I have gotten to the point where BTT is very responsive and I like it a lot. There is however one snag that I seem unable to solve.

Three finger swipe left and right has a small (~300ms) delay before it can be repeated. This prevents me from changing Spaces rapidly. I use Yabai for instant space switching. This delay shows in the Live View as well, and two finger swipes work without delay.

I have tried to mess with all the Trackpad settings in BTT and macOS. I'm using Monterey 12.6.2 and BTT 42730.

There is indeed a hardcoded 350ms delay that was used to prevent false positives in the past. Looking at it now it seems this is no longer necessary. I will try to remove that required delay (next alpha on Monday). Let's see whether that causes some unexpected issues - that particular code hasn't been touched since 10 years.

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Awesome, thank you! Fingers crossed. :sweat_smile:

It works! Thank you. :smile:

Also the configuration window popping up at system wake seems to have gone away. :partying_face:

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