This same copied item is found several times in the clipboard.

Describe the bug
Multiple clipboards when I copy/paste an item.
This same copied item is found several times in the clipboard.


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MBP M1 Max
  • macOS version: 12,1
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3,728

Any one can help me ?

As you can see in the screenshot, I made a single copy but this one for some reason is copied several times in the manager.
We lose the practical side in the end ...

I find it a shame to have to use another utility when this one brings me everything I want!

<Thank you for your help.

I m alone have this probleme?

I have prepared a video.
You can see that I only select text so that it generates an element in the manager.
If I re-select, it creates duplicates.
Finally I copy a new element and you see again after a various selection that the element is duplicated ...

I don't understand.

Thank you for your help. @Andreas_Hegenberg

Well, I'm disappointed with the support.

It's a pity, I have to stop using this handy feature and force to use an additional application.

I think if I understood correctly it works as currently intended. BTT doesn't automatically merge or filter anything, it just records any change to the clipboard, if you copy the same stuff multiple times it will show up multiple times in the BTT clipboard manager because macOS counts every copy as a change - regardless whether it was the same content or not.

Thank you for your answer,

Ok, I understand what you are saying, but then why do I have this problem?
Did you watch the video, I don't do anything special and yet the clipboard is duplicated.

With other application I don't have this problem (probably, because it uses another system?)

Do you have any idea how to solve my problem?

So you do not copy the same text multiple times in the video?

Do you maybe have some app that automatically copies selected text to the clipboard?

No, I select once to copy, and then I select somewhere else and you can see that the text is duplicated ...

I thought of an application that would copy a selection but I can't get my hands on it, I try to avoid having applications with similar functionalities, that's why I'm a bit angry not to be able to use your application correctly.

An implementation of something that avoids duplicates on BTT would be a plus maybe?
But I'm also looking for a software that could make it buggy.

Knowing that I had the same problem on my old mac, and on the new one with a key

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Maybe try quitting apps one by one and see whether it still happens, because this is definitely not normal behavior. Something somehow must be changing the clipboard, but I have no idea what it would be :-/

I just tested an application that allows to see the pasteboard (pasteboard Viewer).
And I realize that at the moment of a selection there is this that is activated:

does it tell you something ?

I should have done what you said before.
Killing all the applications.

once a big part of closed, BTT reacts correctly.

It's popclip who does it :cry:

Yes some app is copying the text automatically to use it temporarily - I can't tell which app it is though. However by default BTT filters such application specific items. Did you maybe activate this option?

I found it, it's PopClip.

I have to find out why it does that.

I checked the box you are talking about.

If you uncheck that box, BTT should not record these things (it's off by default)

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Rhooo just that?

It works... I hate myself, I've been looking for months...

I don't know if it's useful, but PopClip is the rascal who makes duplicates.

I think that if there was a system of sorting the duplicates it would be good.

Thanks a lot for your help, it will really help me.
And a big thank you for your outstanding application!

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