The software on mac os 14 does not respond

Hello, after I installed the software on mac os 14, when the computer used the single finger tap function of btt, it failed for a short time, and it took several consecutive taps to trigger the function. The above problems occur, the common situations are: 1, the first use of the bbt trackpad function after the boot (bbt has been set to automatically start the boot), 2, use the bbt trackpad function after the computer re-lights the screen, 3, the screen is kept steady for a long time without using bbt, use the bbt trackpad function again. In addition, due to the bbt software, the mouse connected to the computer will fail all touch functions except page scrolling, and even right-click physical clicking failure (currently solved by installing the process priority helper tool). The above situation seems to be related to the system update of mac OS. In the version 10.14 and before, we did not encounter similar problems. Hope you can help solve it as soon as possible, thank you.