The Community website is now (badly) Colourful

Yeah, I have the dark mode on. The issue doesn't seem as bad on the light mode but the colours of the tags get affected there.

Same. Thought it was a new feature I didn't get. Or maybe an early April prank :zipper_mouth_face:

Don't you like some nice colors?? :wink:

Apparently the forum software changed the scope of some CSS rules with the updates. I have adapted my theme now so it should be back to black!


Do you know what the colours represent? Is it related to the tags?

Yes these are some colors I assigned to the most used tags

Ah! seems good.

I think it would be better if you did it on the tags themselves instead of the whole group though!

Wait I think it should be on the tag itself unless I misunderstand. Could you post a screenshot how it looks like for you? (Maybe the broken CSS is still cached?)

Should be like this:

Yes it looks like that. I meant on the tags induvidually instead of all of them in that row

Ah I see, that seems like a bug. Each tag should have its own color. I'll look into that .

//edit: fixed (although I think this is a bug in the forum software, but with some css hacks I got back the old behavior)

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