The C preset - A Touch Bar UI

The Touch Bar

Control strip




Other apps

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Important to read

Other informations

I only tested it on my MacBook Pro 2017 13" with what I have now on my computer, if something goes wrong please give me some feedback. I am a student and I don't have that much time to work on this, but I try to update it as fast as possible.
Also, if you have comments, I would be happy to receive them!

Supported apps:

  • :black_large_square: Atom
  • :black_large_square: Better Touch Tool
  • :black_large_square: Color picker
  • :black_large_square: Finder
  • :black_large_square: Photoshop CC
  • :black_large_square: iTunes
  • :white_large_square: Spotify
  • :black_large_square: Safari
  • :black_large_square: Google Docs
  • :black_large_square: Google Sheets
  • :black_large_square: Xcode


  • Long press on the pause button will play the next song
  • Long press on the date/hour will open a control group with a deactivate BTT, keyboard backlight, go to screen saver, lock screen, screen shot and Siri.
  • Rotation two finger on the trackpad like a knob will turn down/up the sound.
  • Holding fn with rotation two finder will turn down/up the luminosity


This is my settings in BTT

It is recommended that you have the same settings that I have, if for some reason you have something different, it is crucial that you have the "Allow external Better Touch Tool scripting", otherwise, the control strip and the menu won't work correctly.


In order to get everything working for this preset, you will need to apps:

  • icalBuddy to have the calendar widget work well
  • JSON Helper to have the Stock widget and the share music widget working.

Download: The C Preset v0.01

As usual, if you decide to install this preset, export what you have now in case something goes wrong.

Oooooh, this looks really interesting. Will have to give this a shot :smiley:

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you left this thing inside it was really strange for me when I accidentally triggered it

and this thing