Text not visible in normal "light" mode (find in dark mode)

BTT clipboard manager window shows preview text on left panel for unselected items as grey on grey making it impossible to read. But in Dark mode text appears as white on dark grey making it easily readable.

Working on MacBook pro with multiple screens. Using BTT 3.707 (updated to latest alpha and restarted machine)

Here is screenshot of BTT while macos is in normal (daytime) mode:

Note that the selected item is readable. But the unselected items are not.

And this is screenshot of text in dark mode:

Which version of macOS are you running? (it seems to display fine here on macOS 12.1)

12.0.1. I don't think I have anything too fancy with display settings. I do have highlight color modified to green - that's it AFAIK.

Ok. I modified the "Accent color" under General settings and now text shows up ok in light mode and dark mode. Hmmm. I'll play with that some more and report back.

That's interesting, I'll have a look!

It happens any time I switch to dark mode and then back to light mode. In my tests only manually (I think same occurs when switch is automatic).

here is the test (let me know if a short screen capture vid would help)

  1. Quit and Start BTT with mac in light mode. Create shortcut for clipboard manager
  2. Load BTT clipboard mgr. Observe text colors (black text on light grey background -> readable)
  3. Enable dark mode in macos using menubar
  4. Load BTT clipboard mgr. Observe text colors (white text on dark grey background -> readable)
  5. Enable light mode in macos using menubar
  6. Load BTT clipboard mgmr. Observe text colors (light grey text on light grey background -> not readable)
  7. Quit and Start BTT
  8. Re-run #6. Text is now readable again
  9. Repeating transition (Dark mode -> light mode) results in text becoming unreadable again.

I performed this test with both green as Accent color and default graphite as Accent color and both produced same result.

Hopefully this reproduces for others and its not some crazy behavior on my machine.

Very weird, switching between dark and light also seems to work fine here.

I'll have a closer look tomorrow to check whether this is caused by something in BTT! If possible also try to update to macOS 12.1 - Apple has fixed many many bugs in that release.

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