text modules / autocorrection

on the mac, you can abbreviate the spelling out of repetitive phrases by using text modules:

For example, "kr" automatically becomes "kind regards".
(if you enter this in system settings > keyboard > text).

unfortunately, this doesn't work for me in all apps. so i'd like to ask the community: is there any way to help with btt? is there a function in there that can do something similar (and that i may have overlooked)?

Key sequences: Key Sequence Triggers · GitBook (folivora.ai)

ah thank you!

I had already guessed that it would have to be solved under "key sequences / typed words", but had not found a way.

entering the "trigger name" also works, but i still can't find an equivalent under "assigned actions".

can you please help me?

Did you have a look at the link? The first screenshot shows some examples.

thank you for your advice. yes i have looked at the post and the pictures.

but i am not sure: under which point of the "action configuration" can i find this? under "help actions"?

i mean:

i enter the abbreviation under key sequences / typed words > trigger name. this already works.

but how can i enter the text that should be output instead of the abbreviation?

The trigger is "kr". Then select the predefined action "type text" (or something like that) and add a "kind regards".

thank you very much, frank. but where can i find this "type text"?

here is what i see:

use the search field :wink:

Haha, du sprichst german...

mit "type" geht es nicht "tippe" :slight_smile:

By the way, this is also new. Nice :slight_smile: :clap:

ja, du hast recht, frank. habe ich auch gerade gemerkt :slight_smile:

Hast du es gefunden?

ah that is the solution, thank you, andreas!

interesting: i had tried to search for "text". but nothing useful came up. but i must have overlooked it.

now i tried to search for "tippen" (i'm using the german version of btt) and to be on the safe side also for "type". but that didn't bring any result.

but now i have found it!

BUT: after i entered everything, i notice that btt recognized the input (the HUD overlay is shown) - but the abbreviation is not converted to the text to be output :frowning:

what did i do wrong. do you have a tip?

update: after a restart of btt it works now - but only in the mac-apps.

something happens also in the windows virtual machine programs (editor and outlook): but there is only an output "v". (always.)

this is strange, because otherwise all commands i saved in btt are executed correctly in mac-os as well as in windows-vm.

do you have an idea? what do i have to change?

ahh I see. Unfortunately most virtual machines don't work well with programatically generated events. There is not too much you can do about that ;-(

i understand, andreas. thank you for your info.

I think I now know what the problems are:

under trigger name: "delete entered characters after recognition": there the vm seems to misinterpret the backspace key. if backspace would be cmd+backspace here, it should work.

under assigned actions: there the vm doesn't get along with "insert by cmd+v". if btt would give here the possibility to enter also by ctrl+v, it should work.