Text Macros -- basic question

This is very basic. I'd like to be able to put a button on the touch bar so that when I press it in safari it automatically enters a string of text that I utilize frequently, in this case a complicated password that is a pain to recall and type. Is there a way to do this? Im sure there must be and I realize this is a very basic question so apologies to all for that. If it is not possible through a touch bar button is there another way to do it? When I try to use the native apple text macro feature it doesn't seem to work for password boxes. Thank You.

You could create a new touchbar widget and assign type/insert text action to it upon clicking :slight_smile:

I'd first go into System Preferences - Keyboard - Text and create a new text replacement shortcut. Basically, this is Apple's built in TextExpander.

Press the "+" and choose a text shortcut, something you won't hit accidentally,

So shortcut = PW! which causes the replacement text "password1!" to be replaced.

Try it out in a text window, type PW! and see if your password string gets entered.

If so, just create a new BTT text input sequence and add it to your Touch Bar.