Taming the Macbook Trackpad in Tabletop Simulator (TTS)

Tabletop Simulator is a physic-based simulator based on manipulating cards, pieces, dice, etc to build and play boardgames and tabletop games. It has a native Mac version, but it's very much built with a mouse-based approach in mind, and so it's quite unfriendly towards trackpad users.

I just found out about BTT when searching for ways I could customize my trackpad experience in TTS. (And, secondarily, my Magic Mouse experience as well.)

I've been fiddling with BTT for a couple of days now, but I haven't been having as much success as I thought I would on my own. I was able to configure a few triggers, and to make them exclusive to that particular app. I've learned about on trigger and on release actions. I've heard about named triggers, but haven't quite understood how or why to use them.

So I thought I would stop trying to figure stuff out the hard way, and just ask the community about my very specific end goals.

Later on I will probably have additional questions such as the one below, but for now let me start with a single cry for help:

1. Right-clicking during dragging
I have always used double-tap-to-drag on my trackpads, as I find it to be more natural and comfortable than triple-tapping or clicking and holding. This works on TTS just fine, but there's a wrinkle: on TTS, there's often a need to right-click while holding the left mouse button to drag something. This is what you do to pick up several scattered game pieces; you click and drag to pick a piece up in your "hand", then you can point to other pieces and right-click them (without releasing the left-click grab) to pick them up as well without dropping what you were already holding, before finally dropping them all together somewhere.

I have found this impossible to achieve comfortably on the trackpad.

With BTT, the closest I was able to get to a solution was using "tip taps": double-tap to initiate the drag motion, dragging the finger to drag the object, then doing a "tip tap" to trigger a right click without breaking the dragging action. But this is honestly not reliable enough. Even after fiddling with the advanced sliders on the Tip Tap settings panel, I could never get to a state where I could internalize where and how to tip tap for consistent results.

Here's what I'd like to achieve:

Is there a way in BTT to achieve a right-click action from a single finger click on the trackpad without breaking a previously initiated double-tap-to-drag action?

This would enable me to have the most comfortable action possible: double-tapping and holding to start dragging, clicking the trackpad along the way to trigger right-clicks and pick up other pieces, and finally releasing the initial tap to drop all picked up pieces.

I've tried this in a few ways in BTT, but everything I tried broke the initial dragging action.

Can you help?

Thank you very much. :blush: