Take every feature of the app Swish, and incorporate into BTT..

If BTT had the same Gesture features, and targeting function of Swish app, then BTT would be the ultimate app..

Sadly the custom drawing gestures in BTT is clunky.. Having to first trigger a "drawing area" then draw the gesture, then trigger another action to close the drawing area... Instead of being able to quickly draw a gesture, like an L, to send the focused app app to Desktop 2...

I'd pay for 10 new license for all those features to be added.. and I already have a Lifetime license..

I have never used swish nor do I plan to copy its features :wink: So a better request would probably to look into the compatibility issues you mentioned.

For the drawing gestures it depends on your setup. You can all steps you mentioned in one gesture, e.g. when using "Right mouse click" drawing you can just draw with two fingers and it will be executed as soon as you release the click

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you can do the targeting used in the swish app in BTT.
For example, to, like in Swish, swipe down on the toolbar to minimise:

  1. Got to advanced trigger conditions and add:
    "hovered_element_details contains AXToolbar" as trigger condition for your gesture.

Using this, you can also build on the swish app functions, too. I can pinch the bin to empty it for example, aside from pinching dock icons to close the app.
To find out the name of the Element you want to target use the Hovered UI Element Viewer

I recommended Andreas' window snap by tapping window corners, and you get a smooth experience, too.

@Andreas_Hegenberg why is the toolbar not part of the pre-set trigger areas, by the way?

EDIT: I saw your other post that there is no standard title bar and apps can define whatever they want. Is that it?

@Andreas_Hegenberg Swish allows the user to chain gestures to organize windows like so: swipe left for halves, follow up with a swipe down to snap to the bottom quarter. After each of the swipes follows a small haptic feedback.

Swish and BTT target a completely different audience. Swish is about the a pre-built animated User Experience and is limiting itself to windows snapping, BTT on the other hand seems to be about the incredible possibilities that it offers. Cute animations do not seem to be the focus. Window snapping is barely scraping the surface of the possibilities it offers.

Due to the wide array of functions BTT offers, overlap with other apps is guaranteed.

Chaining gestures is incredibly powerful and intuitive. I would love to see it implemented and look forward to combine it with the other features of BTT.

While I am new to BTT, the amazing feature to View and target areas and Elements with the UI finder is symbolic for my experience with your software: A raw powerful engine that offers boundless possibilities for costumization, if you put in the work.

To me chaining gestures similarly feels like a framework offering almost limitless possibilities and very much in line with the experience I have using BTT.


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This is not a practical solution; One of the good things about Swish is that it can be activated anywhere.. Having to click a corner using BTT, adds the requirement of moving the cursor to the corner intended. Might as well at that point just stick the cursor anywhere in the top-bar and drag to a corner to snap it..