Syncing BTT preferences and local FS paths

Hello, I have this pretty simple keyboard shortcuts that open my favourite Finder folders. This setup is not portable between computers if the user account name is different (as in my case, my newly issued work laptop has been configurado with a full name and surname account), as the paths are stored in BTT as absolute paths, so they include the username.

Any ideas how to workaround this? I haven't found a way to edit the paths in the Launch Application dialog box, I can only select it and of course I can see that the path is absolute.

wow that was fast. A symlink just seems to work.

macOS and BTT allow to use ~ for the user instead of the full path, e.g. ~/Downloads

Thanks Andreas, how can I enter a relative path here? When clicking o "Select App /File/..." I can only activate a file selection dialog which seems to always return an absolute path.

Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 11.43.08