Sync feature request: Checkbox to exclude snap areas

When syncing, there's a good chance that users are syncing between systems with very different display setups. e.g., a 27" desktop display vs a 13" laptop display.

It would be ideal if there were an option to exclude snap areas from sync. The window size and position preferences are likely to be different between the two. When I turned on sync between my iMac pro and MacBook Pro 16", it blew away all of my iMac Pro areas. I had to restore from a backup configuration.

Would make much more sense to to this with a conditional in the action:

For instance run the below applescript. This will read your pc's name and store it in a BTT variable. Then in your macro you can set an if statement based on the value of the variable "mypc"

set pc_name to do shell script "uname -n"
tell application "BetterTouchTool" to set_string_variable "mypc" to pc_name
return pc_name

(last line returns current name, so you can run the script and see what the result is with your computer)

Snap areas are already bound to a specific display, so syncing them should not be a problem. However the current experimental sync is bad and causes weird issues.

I'm working on a new sync solution, but it's not yet available (also no ETA).