Sync Consuming CPU

BTT seems to have some issue with Dropbox sync. I previously fixed the problem by deleting cloud data and resetting sync on all three of my Macs. However, the problem has cropped up again. The problem evidences itself by BTT consuming 100% CPU for an extended (indefinite) period of time. Other applications experience a moderate amount of slowness in response. Stopping and restarting BTT by itself has no impact on the issue, nor does rebooting.

I'm currently on version 2.846, MacOS 10.14.4. The problem occurs primarily on my 2018 MacBook Pro, although I do see the same metrics on my Mac Pro 2013 and Mac Pro 2011.

It's difficult to enter text in this very form while BTT is running. I'm going to try running BTT with sync off for awhile to see if that helps.

yup it seems to cause issues on some systems. It's still a super experimental feature but if you go to the about tab and click "export debug information" and send me these files to, I may be able to figure out what's wrong.

OK, thanks. I'll do that the next time I see BTT spike in CPU.

Thanks so much for this answer - I was regularly getting 100%+ CPU usage from BTT and could not for the life of me figure out what was going on. I turned off Dropbox sync and the issue was instantly resolved. I luckily do not depend on the syncing so it was an easy fix.