Symbols in the Trigger name

I created some shortcuts using keyboard triggers on a MacBook Pro long ago. Now I'm on an iMac and don't recognize the symbols used in the trigger name.
fn -- obvious. option -- got it. What's an up arrow with an equal sign (two horizontal lines) across it? Also down arrow with an equal sign. Two others are an arrow pointing upper left corner, one pointing to lower right corner. What keystrokes do these symbols represent?


fn+ option+arrow left/right/down/up/

One, so you're saying the up/equal symbol is "down arrow" and vice versa?
Two, why not just show a normal arrow?

That's because the FN key on macOS basically enable a different set of keys which is by default not available on Macbook keyboards but may be available on bigger external keyboards. The arrow keys become home / end / page up / page down - BTT can't know whether you pressed fn + the arrow key on a macbook keyboard or the end/home/page up/page down key on some external keyboard.

Ok. Thanks for the help.