Switching to other app, brings top level touch bar


I have a preset where i have a group. When still in the group, if I switch to a browser or any other application and come back to my preset specific application, the touchbar shows the top level app-specific touch bar instead of keeping me in the group where I left it. Is this the expected behavior? or do I miss some settings in the configuration of BTT?

Thank you

Enable this:

Thank you, but now when I go to other apps, I still have the same specific app buttons on the touch bar :frowning:

you mean it's still closing the group?

I have the core BTT with just volume slider. Then I created a custom app touch bar for my software. This touch bar has a group button. After I press this group button, i see the contents of this group. At this moment, I switch to a browser app away from my software. While in an active browser session, I still see my group touch bar (the bar where I left my software) .

However, if I am at the root or top level of my custom touch bar, and then switch to a browser for example, I see the core BTT volume slider.

So while i am writing this message on Chrome, my touch bar shows the group buttons from my software.

I am using 3.562

Ahh I think now I understand what you want to achieve.
Unfortunately this is currently not possible with BTT. If a group has been closed (either by switching to a different app or manually) it will not open automatically again (BTT doesn't keep app specific state).

No. May be i was not clear. I did not close the group. The group is active (so the second level of my custom bar, not the root level of my custom bar). If I close the group, everything is perfect.. .meaning if I move to another app, i see other app specific bars or the core bar. The problem is only when I am active in a group bar AND switch apps, then the group remains active in other apps too.

that’s due to the option I suggested above, otherwise the group will just close when switching to a different app (and unfortunately not open again automatically when switching back)