Switching licenses


I use BTT personally and for work. I have a personal license and I requested a license through my work but the process they have takes a while (up to 3 months). Does anyone know if I can use my personal license temporarily and then switch it to the one my company gives me when they get it?

Also another option would be to be able to extend my trial if anyone knows how I can do that as well. I just want to keep the app working until my work gives me a license.


Private licenses can be used for work as well! See folivora.ai - Great Tools for your Mac! ""

Yes but my company requires the software team to handle the purchasing of the licenses. So I need to wait until they get back to me. But my trial will end in a couple of days and I don't want to lose access in the meantime. Could I either:

  1. Somehow extend my license for another 45 days?
  2. Or activate BTT on my work computer with my personal license and then switch it to the company issued one when they give it to me? Not sure if this is possible


Yes, as soon as you click the activation link of the new license it will override the previous one. (Or when double-clicking the license file)

Sounds good thanks!