Switching between the same model monitors in the office

We have an open office with many desks all using the same brand and model of external monitor. However, when I switch desks, I lose all my custom snap areas and keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes, I even lose my ability to use snap areas from day to day on the same monitor.

What's going on?
How can I use the same shortcuts on different monitors without having to set up the same shortcuts on every single one?

Unfortunately currently snap areas are bound to a specific display setup.

In the future there might be options to make them more flexible but I haven't started working on this yet.

I realize this may not be an ideal suggestion, but maybe it is at least worth looking into:

Spectacle works well with moving windows around, and using the same shortcuts, regardless of the actual monitor size. It has a good number of actions that it can take, although not nearly the breadth of what BTT can do, of course. However, maybe its keyboard shortcuts could be utilized with BTT to help you deal with this situation?

I’m not sure, but it’s a free app, so no harm in checking it out.

Do you know why sometimes it stops working on the SAME monitor depending on the day?

More information: I always disconnect my laptop at the end of each day. I have a MacBook Pro with only USB-c ports.

@tjluoma If you just need the Spectacle functionality, you can just use the predefined action "Custom Move / Resize" in BTT, which can do the same sort of resize and move.

@Paul_Hart, which BTT version are you on? There was a bug in a recent version that prevented snap areas from working after waking from sleep.

Version 3.186 (1365)

Then that's not the issue.

Is the resolution and display positioning staying the same during the day? Or do you use different resolutions for work?

Does it stop working after previously being connected to a different monitor, or just randomly?

I don't change the resolution regularly. Usually set it once and forget it.

Random from day to day. Seems to work one day, and not the next. Tried restarting BTT, and even restarting my computer this morning. Also tried changing the resolution thinking it was that.

More information: We use other external monitors using the Barco "Click Share" system. https://www.barco.com/en/clickshare

But I only use that occasionally throughout the day when needed.