"Switch to Desktop 17" can I increse the 16 desktop limit?

I have a 4 monitor setup, each monitor has 8 desktops. I want to create keyboard shortcuts for each of the desktops. There is the option to "Switch to Desktop 1" ..... up to "Switch to Desktop 16" but no higher than that.

Is there a way to increase the number of desktops so I can have a shortcut for each desktop?

Wow, what a setup...

I have, just for fun :upside_down_face:, managed to add up to 31 desktop spaces (can not get any more...)

and found a quick and dirty way to switch to any desktop space...
by moving the mouse cursor into position and click...
like below (the small delay is needed to get the Desktop Preview up...).
but, it is quite tricky to get the right mouse position, but it works over here...


Thanks Christian,

Yep, that certainly works.

Its a bit flashy with all the elements jumping around the place but it gets the job done.

I think one of the core problems for me here is that mac wont allow you to choose the names of the desktops. If I could have 1-4 on one screen then 2-8 on the next and so on then only having 4 jumpable screens would do, but because they have to be sequential it imposes limitations.

Or if moving the desktops around didn't auto-resequesce them that would work too. Have desktops 1,4,12 on monitor 1 and 2,3,16 on monitor 2.

Thanks for the help.

Do these show up in System Settings => Keybaord => Shortcuts => Mission Control? For some reason I can only add 15 on my machine

No. As far as I can tell its an arbitrary mac limitation of 16 desktop/spaces per monitor with a system limit of 16 "Switch to space ..." links.

There was a project called "TotalSpaces2" that was in progress building mac silicon compatible "TotalSpaces3" but the project stopped before a stable version was released.

Something that is aiming for multiple monitor multiple spaces destination is this still in 'Beta' phase project called: Aerospace

Its looking the most promising so far.

says it here that you can have 16 desktops. I've hit the "Sorry, new users can not upload images." limit or would put an image. You get 16 space/monitor but they're yet to increase the links to those extra spaces.