Switch tabs in Chrome like in Safari

Hi Andreas,
first: Great tool(s) you provide!
I use chrome rather than safari and wish for the same functionality that Touch Bar provides for safari. For example the switch tab functionality. Is there a way to do this also for chrome or even other apps?

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You could just assign the keyboard shortcut to a BTT action (I have no clue what the keyboard shortcut is as I use Safari), or worst case scenario trigger the menu bar item.

Hope the answer helps even though I'm nicht @Andreas_Hegenberg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well yes, but I'd like to have the same . functionality, that it shows me a thumbnail of the tab. Or look at Photos: You can swipe through all photos in the touchbar, where thumbnails of the photos are shown. Is this possible with BTT?

sorry, this is not possible with BTT. I would request such a feature directly with the Chrome team as doing something like it from an external app is very hard and would have performance issues.

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Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg, but maybe the solution with the buttons will help.

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