Switch Multiple Desktops or Spaces

Hi, I have a dual monitor setup at home and I connect to work using Microsoft Remote Desktop. Once I connect Microsoft Remote Desktop will add a new "Microsoft Remote Desktop" space to each of my monitors. So I end up with "Desktop 1" and "Microsoft Remote Desktop" on monitor 1 and "Desktop 2" and "Microsoft Remote Desktop" on monitor 2. How can I create a shortcut to swtich both spaces at the same time? For instance if I have "Desktop 1" on monitor 1 and "Desktop 2" on monitor 2 I like to be able to flip both of these spaces to "Microsoft Remote Desktop" with a single shortcut, can this be done? Thanks

So I found a solution for this. I ended up using the standard MacOS keyboard shortcuts to move spaces combined with a little utility called CatchMouse. CatchMouse allows me to set a keybaord shortcut to move the mouse pointer to another screen. So by combining these two shortcuts I can switch between screens with a single action.