Switch from space to space with a single shortcut

Hi, I would like to switch from space to space with a single shortcut, in the same way one can switch from app to app with the app switching shortcut. Can you give me a clue on how to do it please? Thanks.

Maybe the "Cycle through multiple actions" meta-action can help you.

I use keyboard shortcuts in MacOS for that...
(what does not work is to switch from space-4 to space-1 or from 1 to 4 to 'cycle'' around...)

Yes, with the "Cycle through multiple actions" meta-action you could just add multiple of these shortcuts to that. Then it would cycle through them.

Ok, thanks Andreas, but how to do it? I can't find this in the documentation. Could you give me a link please?

Yes I'm aware of the macos shortcuts… You miss my point which is to cycle trough all the spaces with the same shortcut.

There is an action in BTT called "Cycle through multiple actions".

Ok, it works fine with 2 spaces, I cycle through 'move right a space' and 'move left a space' but what about 3 or more spaces? Is it possible?

This supports any number of actions

yes but if you 'hard code' the actions (for let's say desktops 1 to 4) you have to cycle through all the actions even if there is only 2 desktops at the moment (if the spaces 3 and 4 doesn't exist).

Yep, I don't think there is another way. Maybe you could write a script that checks the number of current spaces on the current display and then does the appropriate thing - but I believe it wouldn't be trivial to do so

ok, thanks.

If you have two desktops more often than four, you can also set up two cycle actions (2/4). You can even use the same shortcut for both if you use short/long press.

My "good enough" solution is:

  • a shortcut for a 2 cycle actions (1 Move Right a Space / 2 Move Left a Space)
  • a shortcut in macos prefs for Move Right a Space
  • another shortcut in macos prefs for Move Left a Space

I can now switch with the BTT shortcut between 2 spaces and I can choose these 2 spaces with the macos shortcuts. It's maybe best (for me) than a 'real' switching between all the spaces (as in app switching).

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