Switch between windows of the same application

Hi there, I'm looking for a way to switch between two or more Chrome windows. My daily desktop setup is window with Netflix or youtube on the left half and another Chrome window on the right half so I can watch and "work" at the same time. Sometimes I want to e.g. pause the video or do sth else. So I coulnd't find a shortcut to do this. I have a german keyboard so the cmd+~ doesn't work here.

Thanks for your suggestions!

W/o using Chrome, isn't there a Menu Bar item you could toggle?

What item do you mean?

macOS has a shortcut for that which you can define in System Preferences => Keyboard:

Alternatively you can use the action "Show Window Switcher for Active App" in BetterTouchTool


Thanks Andreas, that's exactly what I was looking for.


The Show Window Switcher for Active App did exactly what I wanted (together with the second Show Window Switcher for ALL App
Thanks !!!