Switch active screen / Multiple Monitor

I have 2 additional monitors connected to my Macbook and would like to create a Shortcut to switch between them. For example: Normally I have to use the mouse and click anywhere inside the first monitor to "activate" it. Then I can use keyboard commands like "control + arrow keys" to move between the open desktops. If I want to control the desktops on the second monitor, I again have to move the mouse, click inside to "activate" this monitor and can then use key combinations. This is very annoying and I hope with BTT it can be "fixed" :smiley: Any ideas?

neon0r, did you ever figure this out?

I figured out how to have make one "jump to monitor" shortcut for each of three displays (moves pointer to pre-determined location), but what I really wanted to do was map all three to a single mouse button that would cycle between the three monitors. For example:

Push » Go to Monitor 1
Push » Go to Monitor 2
Push » Go to Monitor 3
Push » Go to Monitor 1 (and so on)

Can BTT do this sort of cycling with each push of ONE button/shortcut?